Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mail Call!

Lots of freebies in the mail this week! First up, we have the BCBGMAXAZRIA bag that I blogged about here. Best freebie I've ever gotten!

I also got lots of free pads in the mail this week along with 2 coupons for a free package. I redeemed one of the coupons already, the box of Always Infinity pictured at the back left. Also included was a box of tampons which I likely won't use.

Boy1 received a Fruit Rollup and a pair of GoodNites sleep boxers in the mail this week. He hasn't had an accident in several months, but now he has that option if he feels like wearing them when he has company stay over.

For Hubby we have a Warm Delights Mini from Betty Crocker. Also received a card in the mail from Marlboro with a code on it for a free bottle opener. We don't smoke, but if they want to send us a bottle opener who are we to say no?

Want freebies in your mailbox, too? Click here for a list of my latest finds!

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