Thursday, November 13, 2008 new best friend.

Sunday started out all wrong.

First, I went to get my paper and they were all gone! I wasn't able to see this of course until after I'd paid my $1.50. I wound up taking the display copy after triple checking to make sure the coupon inserts were still in it--which worked out just fine, but gave me a little scare!

I had my CVS list and coupons in hand. I just needed two coupons from the Redplum insert to have myself a $0.21 shopping trip! (Plus taxes of course) THEY WEREN'T THERE! Downside of living in a smaller city. "Oh well," I thought, and the gears in my brain started turning.

I nominated Boy1 to come in and shop with me while Boy2 napped in the back and Hubs settled in and got his buck fifty out of the weekly paper. Right off the bat I saw that they were out of stock of two items I had on my list! Noooo!! All of my planning! My perfect shopping list...gone.
With quick thinking, a little luck and a lot of math, I filled my shopping cart and headed to the checkout counter.

After all the damage was done, I paid $16 for my cart of loot. I should probably mention that in that cart was a jumbo package of pull-ups that were $14.99 alone! I also got my favorite mascara, a bottle of shampoo, two bottles of mouthwash, a big box of band aids, dish soap, body wash, 2 cans of air freshener, a lighter for the grill, liquid hand soap, bottled I missing anything??

The moral of today's story is: Always have a backup plan...or at least be able to come up with one quickly!

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